Thursday, May 10, 2012


Here's the story.

Stevie was playing in a little league lacrosse game.  He was playing attack when his team got the ball.  The ball was passed to him and he caught it mid-air.  He turned quickly and ran down the field, dodging players from the other team right and left.  He was within shot distance when he found a break in the defense.  With defenders slashing at his stick, he took the nearly impossible shot with incredible force.  It hit the goal post and rebounded violently back and hit him right in the forearm, shattering it instantly.

Or, he fell off the swing at school during recess.

Believe what you want to.

Emma's 1st 4th Birthday Cake

Did I make that confusing enough?

I was told by Emma's preschool teachers that it was ok to bring a homemade cake for her birthday treat.

So I did.

Yes, it is very similar to Sara Jane's graduation cake.  Emma really liked it, so I did it in pink.

Now to start on her real birthday cake.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not BYU, But Still Very Awesome!!!

Congratulations Sara Jane!!!

We are very proud of all your hard work...even if you did it at U of U.

(will update with pictures of the graduate soon)

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