Sunday, February 20, 2011


The past few weeks have been an endless cycle of sickness in our house.

It began with Riley and a minor fevor, then Stevie threw up at school, then Natalie, then Emma. To "end" it all, Steve even spent a day at home sick. I thought it was over.

It wasn't.

Then Stevie got sick in the middle of the night, all over his room. Then it went through all the kids again. I thought it was over.

It wasn't.

Natalie woke up yesterday with an earache so we had to go to the doctor and take care of that.

I think we're over it all now. Cross your fingers for us please.

So the last three weeks, my life has been pee(bedwetting), poo, and throw up. This account may turn off a lot of people to the joys of parenting, and it is pretty gross, but then you come upon a scene like this...

...and it's all worth it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's over.

I am no longer the Primary Chorister.

This may seem insignifigant to most, but I have been in this calling for a very long time. Since I was called as the chorister...

...Stevie became a sunbeam
...Natalie was born
...Emma was born
...Riley became a sunbeam
...Stevie started school
...Steve has had 3 different jobs
...I started my etsy shop
...I learned to make cakes
...I started my cake "business"
...Natalie was diagnosed with diabetes
...Stevie was baptized

In all, I have been the chorister for over half of my marriage. So if I seem a bit attached, now you know why. I love the calling, I love the kids, I love the music, I love Primary.

Now I have to go babysit the singles. Aren't they supposed to be adults now? Please pardon my attitude. I just left the best calling in the church. Nothing will compare...ever.

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