Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Couple of Things

So my little Nat started Kindergarten this week. It was a very momentous occasion, so Steve came with us to the first day.

She looks so small in front of the school!

I expected a lot of tears and prying to be involved, but she waltzed right on in like she owned the place. That's my girl!!!

Oh, and we got a puppy.

(he's the one on the left)

Friday, August 26, 2011


Just hit 1000 sales!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walk For The Cure 2011

Each year for the past 3 years we have participated in a walk to help cure diabetes. This year, we had a record 14 people walking with our team!

There were lots of pictures taken, so here are the best, in no particular order.

There were several big bouncy houses for the kids.

And an old car show.

This is the exact same car, right down to the color, that is hanging in Stevie's room.

They gave away free water bottles. Emma was a little suspicious of their contents.

In an effort to save money, I designed and painted the shirts myself.

Not the most professional look, but it cracked me up!

This was take 3 for this picture.

Riley was less than cooperative.

They have posters along the walk with pictures of different children, their age, and date of diagnosis. That's what we are standing around.

We didn't bring a stroller, so I was the stroller.

Get the camera, QUICK!!!

Just as the walk is starting.

Thank you to everyone who participated and especially those who donated. We raised over $600 dollars this year, the walk total being over $400,000. That's money that helps cure Natalie and the millions of children worldwide who live with this life altering disease. THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011

We have not been on a real vacation in 3 years.

That's why when my sis-in-law emailed me 2 weeks ago saying that they were thinking of a spur-of-the-moment trip to CA, we dropped everything and left.

The best part is that my parents didn't know we were coming so we completely suprised them, mom at 10pm on Saturday, dad in the chapel before church the next morning. It was HILARIOUS!!!

Anyway, backing up a bit, Jared, Jeanne, and kids came to our house first and spent the night. Then we all took off the next morning for CA.

All the girls trying (and failing) to sleep.

All the grandkids (sans James and Oliver) eating Sunday dinner.

Stevie earned $20.00 by crawling under the house to thread piping for a new refridgerator water line.

The kids swam in Grammy's pool every day there except Sunday. They even went swimming AFTER they returned from the beach one day!

You can't really see in these pictures, but there were several dolphins playing less than 20 yards from the shore.

Emma LOVED the endless (and kitty-poop-free) sandbox.

She even tried to bury Steve in all of it!!!

In all, it was a successful trip with lots of sunburns and memories to hold us through the winter months.


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