Monday, November 2, 2009

Eve of All Hallows

Twas the eve of all hallows and the air was a humming,
for most little children knew what was forthcoming.

From early that morning when mom woke us up,
the hot, healthy breakfast said something was up

Instead of nice jeans and clean shirt (what a bother),
mom clothed us as fairies and young Harry Potter.

But it didn't end there, when we got to the school,
this dressing up strangely was apparently the rule

They marched us here and marched us there,
with every silly parent there just to stare.

When back in the classroom there arose such a murmur,
a hushed story of candy, it had to be rumor.

I sprang from my seat to get first in line,
and wouldn't you know it, the sugar was mine!

When school got out later, we still wanted more,
so we went to the place of my grandmother's store.

And there it continued, this carb counting nightmare,
with stores shoveling out chocolate to each mini frightmare.

By then the kids were getting sick of the walk,
and it was only mid afternoon, not yet 4 o'clock.

So back to the house, to hold back the herd,
of little mouths eating their weight in blue nerds.

No, we did not realize it was all just beginning,
that hoards of more candy was there for the winning.

All we had to do to complete this huge task,
was walk a few blocks (was that too much to ask?)

Now those of you who know my family too well,
will know that his walk would be a hard sell.

Half a block into this torturous assignment
was whining and complaining, without any enjoyment.

No matter the cost of the cold, windy night,
we plowed on to get our deserv-ed delights.

Snickers and Kit Kats, suckers and gum,
Starbursts and Gummy Bears, never more FUN!!

Now it is over and I'm glad it's through.
Good night to you all, I'm gonna go SPEW!!!


DailyFamily said...

Hahahahaha!!! I love it!! And I miss my beautiful nieces. Where's the cute boy? What was he for Halloween.

You are so creative.

Devany said...

Somehow I didn't get any pictures of Stevie. Oh well:(

Meemaw said...

What a wonderful poem! Sounds like the day was a success.

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