Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey Everybody...


My kids think I'm such a dork. I grew up memorizing the entire "I'm a Mormon" album. It features such musical gems as "When I grow up I want to be a Mother", "Grandma and Grandpa are Going Away on a Mission", and my personal favorite, "I am Learing How to Spell".

One of the classics that always comes to mind on Monday evenings is the never outdated "Hey Everybody, It's Family Night". I sing this as my children gather in the living room to have our version of family night. My arrangement includes the timeless disco interlude which I do in my best beat-box voice. It is met with several pairs of rolling eyes and Stevie's "Moooooom!" (not to be pronounced moom). Although a wonderful work of musical literature, I think the lyrics need a little updating. Just a brief example, the first lines go like so.

Hey everybody it's family night,
you better take the phone off the hook.
C'mon everybody it's family night,
I've already got the family night book.

I think we are in need of more relevant lyrics. How about this.

Hey everybody it's FHE,
Put your phone on silent and text no more.
C'mon everybody it's FHE
I've googled a lesson, treats,

Ok, I'm no poet. If you have a better idea, let's hear it!

Anyway, this blog has gotten off onto a bit of a tangent. I meant to show the best I could come up with for an FHE in the 5 seconds I had to "plan" it.

Tonight our lesson/activity was to see how many ways and how many kids could pile on Steve before they toppled over. It was very spiritual and I really think they learned a valuable lesson. It also yielded some fun pictures.

The ever-so-popular commercials that the Church plays on the radio here say that it doesn't matter what you talk about with your kids, as long as you talk. Well, I would submit that it doesn't matter what you FHE about, as long as you FHE.


Jennifer said...

It's family night
Let's turn off the TV
And we'll do it right
Mom makes the treat
And dad says the prayer
It's so much fun 'cause
We're all there

P.S. I write under the pen name of Mommy Seuss

Jeanne said...

AMEN!! That is too cute. If we do something, it counts.

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